Heating & Cooling systems

Greenhouse Climate

Greenhouse climate control: heating, cooling, misting

Optimum plant growth demands optimum climate conditions in your greenhouse. Depending on your external climate conditions, greenhouse heating and cooling are necessary to create this desired climate.
An integrated approach towards climate control based on integrated heating and/or cooling is, in most cases, the first technical installation that you should consider.

Design and Engineering

Depending on your greenhouse, crops and external climate conditions, Hortilife helps you to define the best and most cost-effective solution. Based on the maximum heat load of your greenhouse, we calculate which heating or cooling system you will need. Our experts can advise you on energy savings and return on investments.


Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems


High-quality systems engineered based on the layout of your greenhouse


Reduced risk for moulds and diseases


Improved plant growth, yield and quality


Accurate control of greenhouse climate systems


Creating an optimum greenhouse climate


Saving on energy costs


Innovative heating and cooling


Modular construction for easy expansion

Complete infrastructure

Hortilife provides the complete climate infrastructure for optimal growing conditions in your greenhouse. Our experts guide you from designing a heat plan for your crop to engineering the heating or cooling systems based on the energy sources available to you.

Energy-efficient solutions

In every greenhouse, energy costs for heating or cooling are the most significant costs. Efficiency in using your energy source will increase your return on investment and make you more compliant with CO2 emission norms.

Smart 5th and 6th Generation

Combining your heating and cooling systems with Hortilife automation software makes your greenhouse even more effective. Our latest Dutch technology prepares you for innovative cultivation such as 5th or 6th generation greenhousing.

Top Choice

Hortilife Greenhouse climate control systems are the top choice of professional growers around the world. Contact us to find out more about how Hortilife heating and cooling systems optimize your greenhouse climate.

Good choice for saving on energy costs

Energy is the most critical pillar in any horticultural project. Hortilife is therefore constantly looking for ways to save energy. We achieve these energy savings with innovative installations and applications. In different external climatic environments, we look for the most profitable solutions for you in different external climatic environments. Have a view the projects Hortilife has already realised.

Key to success

Hortilife guarantees quality and reliability. Using the most advanced high-tech systems in your new greenhouse complex provides the optimum conditions for growing. The implementation of your project by Hortilife is the key to your success. Want to know more?