Cultivation systems

Greenhouse production systems

Production systems for commercial greenhouse farming contain two categories: soil culture or soilless culture. With soil culture, you are dependent on the quality of the soil in your greenhouse. Well-drained, disease-free soil with a uniform texture provides a good harvest, but this is not always available.

When soil conditions are unfavourable, a form of cultivation without soil is the obvious choice. Soilless cultivation, called hydroponic, is a cultivation system in which the plant is provided with fertilized water while not growing in the open soil. This way of cultivation ideally suits modern horticulture. Therefore, the substrate or soilless culture will become the most common production method in greenhouse horticulture in the near future. As a grower, hydroponics gives you more control. You can dose the right minerals and in precisely the right quantities to the plants. This control ensures optimal growth and improved yields.

Top Choice

Hortilife supplies and installs the complete turnkey equipment for your new greenhouse. Besides the new hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation systems, we also deliver products for more traditional growing methods: from gutter systems for mineral wool or coconut mats, growing tables and chippers to pipe rail carts, conveyors and lifting techniques. You can also contact us for substrates, planting materials and all other operating supplies.

Efficient logistics

Customized internal transport systems increase the efficiency of business operations. The number of possible solutions is endless and ranges from simple mechanical carts to fully robotic systems. Our experts advise the best logistics solution for your production system.

High-quality design and technology

Greenhouse owners know smart automation is key to any market-focused horticultural business. Hortilife provides complete greenhouse horticulture logistics solutions to keep labour costs in control with automation, robotisation and data-driven tools.

Optimum cultivation systems

Hortilife provides the optimum cultivation system based on your greenhouse layout and your crops. With knowledge of multiple systems, we can advise you towards the best return on investment for now and in the future.

Smart 5th and 6th Generation

Hortilife provides cultivation systems for both the more traditional grower and modern fully automated solutions such as hydroponics and aeroponics for those greenhouse owners who want to switch towards smart cultivation such as its 5th or 6th generation greenhouses.


 Major advantages of hydroponic systems are higher productivity, fewer diseases


With hydroponic systems more control over the crop and less labour.


High initial investment but the very low running cost makes this a highly profitable growing system due to the savings in fertilizers and water, as well as labour costs once the operation formulas have been set up.


Minerals administered in precise quantities to your plants


Best option to produce leafy vegetables all year round at any climate.


Substrate growing systems both for open or closed irrigation systems.


Suitable for smart green housing 4.0 and 5.0