Hortilife BV

The Greenhouse Engineers

Hortlife the green engineers

Hortilife is an international player in commercial greenhouses, specialising in developing turnkey greenhouse projects, focusing on indoor vegetable growing in challenging climate conditions. Hortilife provides its customers with all the requirements to get an optimised greenhouse solution. Based on our clients business model, technical level or demands, choice of crops and return on investment, we create the best solution for their need.

For more than 30 years, Hortilife has supplied commercial greenhouses to growers around the world. With a rapidly growing world population to feed and increasing demand for sustainable and responsible solutions with respect for the environment, the need for efficiently produced crops has only increased. Hortilfe specialises in turnkey greenhouse construction with automated systems for heating, irrigation, climate and light control for optimal growth of your crops.

Knowledge and innovations

Your new greenhouse complex must become profitable. To achieve this, you must create optimal conditions for plants, labour and management. Therefore you want to invest in the latest knowledge and technologies. If you choose Dutch horticultural technologies, you choose innovation and efficiency, as well as proven results in practice throughout the world. At Hortilife we work with Dutch know-how, cooperating with Dutch leading suppliers and research institutes.

Save water

Recycling of water to increase equal growth, reduce chemical emissions and save water. 

Weatherproof in all climate conditions

Anywhere in the world, even in extreme climatic conditions

Smart 5th and 6th Generation

Hortilife builds not only the greenhouses but also the complete systems for heating, ventilation, climate control and irrigation. From more traditional greenhouses to the newest smart greenhouses of 5th or 6th level.

Dutch Greenhouse Company

The roots of Hortilife BV go back to 1994. In that period, our company was founded in the Netherlands, soon followed by local companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and the Baltic States. Our trade name in these years was Agro Technical Supplies and was adjusted to the local standards in the different countries: ATS Ukraine, ATS 2000 in Russia etc.


During this first period, we delivered agricultural as well as horticultural projects. As our focus shifted towards horticultural projects, the company’s name did not reflect the company’s significant occupation anymore.
This shift of focus resulted in 2011 in the founding of “Hortilife BV”, reflecting the company’s primary target, namely greenhouse projects or horticulture. The export companies remained the same, ATS Ukraine, ATS 2000, etc. To show the link with the history before 2011 also the trade name “Agro Technical Supplies Europe” was introduced.

High-tech, State-of-the-art

Hortilife BV and her export companies focus on engineering, supplies and installation of innovative, state of the art, high-tech, and most importantly, high-quality greenhouse and agro-storage equipment, installations and constructions; primarily produced in our workshops or by top quality manufacturers.

From single component to turn-key projects

Hortilife BV has a specialized department for water treatment and filter systems used in irrigation and re-use drain water systems. Climate computers and boiler systems are part of our line of expertise and supplies. In short, the Hortilife group can supply the full range of equipment for greenhouse and agro-storages. From a single component to complete custom-engineered, turn-key projects.
The Hortilife group renders needed technical assistance for engineering, installation and growing, and supplies all necessities, including seeds, young plants, and all required in the greenhouse and agro-business.

International support

Hortilife BV provides international support. TSS, ATS-Ukraine, ATS-2000 and Hortilife Romania have a fully equipped greenhouse building and maintenance crew for Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Russia a.o.