Co-generation in professional greenhouses

Heating & Cooling systems


Co-generation is the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy in one solar system. This co-generation is very suitable for use in greenhouses with high energy-intensive energy consumption. Hortilife compact and modular solution offers co-generation units that guarantee the production of electricity, thermal energy and CO₂.

The heat released from heating hot water, towards either a relatively high or low temperature, is used to heat the greenhouse building. The purified cooled CO2 generated in the heating process goes into the greenhouse as fertiliser for better growth of plants.

Co-generation is the best choice to gain all the benefits of reducing energy costs while limiting CO2 emission by using it as fertiliser. This will create a win-win situation for the environment and your yield.

Top Choice

Hortilife works with multiple heating suppliers to ensure we supply the right co-generation solution for you. Optimise your heating system to grow more efficiently and save on costs.

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Hortilife produced more than 200 hectares of modern greenhouses in Europe. Our experts also transformed more than 500 hectares of existing greenhouses into modern greenhouses. In short, if you work with Hortilife, you choose quality and long-standing experience. Have a look at our projects portfolio to get inspired.