Turn-key greenhouse

Hortilife delivers “turn-key” greenhouses using our own know-how and of Dutch producers. Together with leading Dutch suppliers and research centres, we deliver high-quality and great service.
As an entrepreneur or investor in the horticultural sector, you strive for quality, safety and high productivity in food production at a good return on investment. When investing in a new greenhouse project, you, therefore, choose a partner who is, like you, success-oriented. Hortilife is your ideal partner.

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High-quality design and technology

Greenhouse owners know smart automation is a key to any market-focused horticultural business. Have a look at our products from greenhouse construction to greenhouse logistics.

Hortilife: Your Key to Success

Hortilife provides complete turn-key greenhouse solutions which can achieve a good return on investment.
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Smart 5th and 6th Generation

Hortilife provides cultivation systems for both the more traditional grower and modern fully automated solutions for those greenhouse owners who want to switch towards smart cultivation such as its 5th or 6th generation greenhouses or so-called (semi) closed greenhouses.

Key to success

Hortilife guarantees quality and reliability. Using the most advanced high-tech systems in your new greenhouse complex provides the optimum conditions for growing. The implementation of your project by Hortilife is the key to your success. Want to know more?