Horticultural control systems & Software

Better crops and more efficiency with automation

Modern horticulture is impossible to imagine without computers. In addition to the process computer, automated management systems are crucial to controlling the greenhouse. New technologies make it possible to become more efficient and profitable.

Hortilife Smart & Advanced Technology

Automation of processes makes the daily work easier and simpler. Advanced technology accurately measures and analyses the functions and displays an alarm when needed. This warning saves time and makes sure your crop can grow in the optimum growing climate. The automated systems can be remotely controlled by PC, tablet or Smart Phone.
Hortilife works with the Sercom systems specialized in horticultural automation. Their standardized automation platform will be connected with custom made components you need to control your horticultural processes.

As well as Hortilife, SERCOM believes in sustainable solutions for the horticultural industry. That also applies to the automation of irrigation units and climate control in greenhouses. Their electronics and computers have been designed especially for horticultural process automation. The Sercom software and hardware have been designed side by side, providing a solid, reliable system to last for years to come.

Top Choice

Hortilife provides integrated automation solutions that enable optimum crop production, high quality and efficient business processes. For each type of horticulture company, we offer suitable computers, supporting systems and the necessary software. Easy to use and reliable in results.

High-quality design and technology

Hortilife uses the CASTA software system to design your greenhouse, enabling us to translate your wishes into the best solution with a perfect price-quality ratio to cultivate your crops on the most significant scale.

Durable Automation

Hortilfe uses Sercom hardware and software to make sure your automated processes are durable, cost-efficient and future proof.

Smart 5th and 6th Generation

The Hortilife-design makes the greenhouse suitable for use of the latest Dutch technology, whether you are growing more traditionally or making the switch to smart vegetable cultivation such as its 5th or 6th generation greenhouses.

Automation of horticultural processes starts with Hortilife

Hortilife works with the best partners in the automation of horticultural growing conditions as well as the optimization of labour paths processes.


Long lifespan SERCOM hard and software are characterised by a long lifespan. It is not unusual for a Sercom process computer to still be working after over 30 years.


Innovative Sercom software is developed on a uniform platform. Each customer of SERCOM can thus profit from new updates, independent of the type of format of installation in the company.


Tailored design SERCOM is an international leader in cleverly designed regulation systems for irrigation. After the irrigation is optimised, further automation of the commercial processes often follows. Hortilife works with Sercom to provide the best solution to your needs. Around the world, from the tropics to the polar circle, we have satisfied users, our ambassadors.


Always up-to-date: SERCOM develops its own hardware as well as software, with the aim of safeguarding user-friendliness for our clients in n the horticulture industry. We regularly offer new updates, from which our customers can benefit independently of the type of system in operation.