Water/ Fertilizer systems

Hortilife Systems

To grow strong and healthy crops, you will need sufficient water, fertilizer and light.  Hortilife implements advanced systems to ensure your crop will get precisely the amount of nutrients, water, and light required to grow healthy plants.

New technologies are vital for more sustainable, more secure and more cost-efficient growth of your plants. Hortilife understands the balance between innovation and investments. This way, we can advise you on the best options in your horticultural greenhouse and for your crops. 

Top Choice

Hortilife supplies Lighting, irrigation, disinfection and water treatment systems, in combination with process computers, to optimize light, water and fertilizing to guarantee the best cultivation results. This way, you will achieve the best cultivation result under all circumstances.

Want to know more about greenhouse lighting, water treatment and fertilizer systems for your crop? Contact us for advice.

Complete irrigation infrastructure

Hortilife provides the complete watering infrastructure for optimal growing conditions in your greenhouse. Our experts guide you from designing an irrigation plan to engineering the water and storage systems based on your requirements.

Efficient use of fertilizer

With modern fertilizer systems, you can efficiently supply just enough nutrients to the crop. Automation of this process ensures higher efficiency and certainty during cultivation and also saves on labour costs.

Lighting Systems

The Hortilife Lighting design is based on the latest Dutch technology. LED technology enables you to save on costs, while you enhance your crop growing conditions, resulting in a larger yield.


High-quality irrigation systems for accurate watering


Efficient use of water and re-use of water


Compliant with the safety and quality of the water requirements


Innovative irrigation technology


Future proof: state-of-the-art solutions that will meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.


Suitable for smart green housing 5th and 6th generation


Innovative and energy-saving Philips LED systems