Greenhouse Cooling and Mist systems

Greenhouse Climate

Greenhouse Cooling and Mist systems

Air humidity is one of the most significant growth factors in greenhousing and directly influences crop production and quality. Higher humidity also lowers the temperature in the greenhouse.
Due to climate change and food production in hot climate conditions, extremely high temperatures require modern mist/fog systems to help achieve increased production and crop value goals.

During warm periods or in warmer climate conditions, crops can suffer from high temperatures. Plants do not grow as fast or develop a lower fruit crop when persistent drought and heat. Cooling may then be necessary and a wise investment.
High-pressure fogging plays a vital role in climate control. The air humidity in a greenhouse or greenhouse space is raised by using mist, creating a more favourable growing climate. This air humidity benefits the quality and yield of crops in horticulture, leading to a better greenhouse climate, where plants and crops can withstand extreme conditions optimally.

Optimal temperature

Under high pressure, water is divided into tiny particles through a nozzle, creating fog. The controlled temperature and humidity levels in the greenhouse make sure the surrounding air absorbs the water particles preventing them from dripping on the crop. Humidity in the greenhouse increases and the greenhouse air is chilled.

Cooling up to 8°C

The Hortilife fog/mist systems produce a constant mist which is very fine; it evaporates immediately and does not drip on the crop. Modern misting systems can achieve a cooling effect of 5°C to 8°C. Windows need to be opened less often, so less CO2 is lost, fewer diseases and stable growing climate conditions.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Mist/fog systems are used in CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture). Modern-day horticulture requires growers to maintain critical levels of humidity and temperature evenly throughout the greenhouse. High-pressure fogging systems produce a delicate and consistent mist to control the greenhouse climate, not only in summer but also all year round.

  • Temperature reduction
  • Uniform climate
  • Optimal humidity 
  • Cooling effect
  • Decrease water consumption
  • Speed up plant growth

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