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Venlo Greenhouses

Venlo greenhouse: the most popular type of greenhouse in the world

The well-known Venlo greenhouse, a popular choice of the professional growers worldwide, is a very high-quality, very versatile greenhouse. Due to its high light transmission, Venlo greenhouses are ideal for growing all kinds of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers and lettuce. However, growers of cut flowers and pot plants have also discovered the advantages of this type of greenhouse.

Good choice for a return on your crop

The Hortilife Venlo greenhouse is an excellent option for growers who want to cultivate on a large scale in a greenhouse construction that can be designed and built at a low cost per square meter/foot. The excellent growing conditions make your choice for a Hortilife Venlo greenhouse a very profitable decision. The durable design and quality of the materials are resistant to corrosion, guaranteeing a long and productive life. The modular construction makes it easy to make adjustments and extensions at a larger stage. The greenhouse is available in various cover and profile sizes.

The experience of Hortilife

Hortilife produced more than 200 hectares of modern greenhouses in Europe. Our experts also transformed more than 500 hectares of existing greenhouses into modern greenhouses.  In short, if you work with Hortilife, you choose quality and long-standing experience. Have a look at our projects portfolio to get inspired.

Key to success

Hortilife guarantees quality and reliability. Using the most advanced high-tech systems in your new greenhouse complex provides the optimum conditions for growing. The implementation of your project by Hortilife is the key to your success. Want to know more?

High-quality design and technology

Hortilife uses the CASTA software system to design your greenhouse, enabling us to translate your wishes into the best solution with a perfect price-quality ratio to cultivate your crops on the most significant scale.

Weatherproof in all climate conditions

Our Hortilife Venlo greenhouses are designed to withstand all climatic conditions. The construction of galvanized (powder coated) steel and reinforced aluminium profiles can withstand strong winds and heavy snow loads. Calibrated on each specific place in the world.

Smart 5th and 6th Generation

The Hortilife-design makes the greenhouse suitable for use of the latest Dutch technology, whether you are growing more traditionally or making the switch to smart vegetable cultivation such as its 5th or 6th generation greenhouses.


High quality galvanized steel trusses and aluminium profiles for high light transmission available in various span wides


High quality with high accuracy, all materials are laser cut and robot welded to assure perfect fit and eliminate weak points in the final construction.


Excellent ventilation systems


Low cost per square meter


Adaptable sizes and designs based on your requirements and crops.


Versatile cladding options such as glass, polycarbonate, sandwich or foil.


Weatherproof design: storm-resistant, withstands heavy snow loads.


Available in sizes from 8.0 to 800 mtr


Custom heights, custom-made


Modular construction for easy expansion