1. Preliminary process

Scope of project. Your business goals and ambitions are the starting point. To determine how you can achieve these goals, we need information. This information includes climate information and dimensions of the location where you want to build your greenhouse. But crop plans and business plans are also part of the information. With our straightforward questionnaires, we get a clear picture of the situation, and our experts can get to work.

2. Determine ROI

After step one, we have a first picture on which we can determine the return on investment and the payback period. This part is vital for financing. Hortilife helps with the necessary data for the application for financing and the calculations in the form of a financing quote.

3. Design process

When the first steps have been completed, the Hortilife experts can start working on the details. In this part, the ambitions and wishes are converted into detailed construction plans and choices for installations. This plan is converted into a detailed quotation, project conditions and other parameters.

4. Realization

 After approval of the quotation, the Hortilife team converts your wishes into an actual project. Engineering is started up. On request, we can also do the pre-engineering if necessary for permits or the like. A project team with various experts gets to work for you. The project planning is determined, and at this stage, any partners (labour, logistics) also get involved. The actual construction starts. Supervisors for the connection of the various installations are called in.

5. Completion

Construction is complete, and your greenhouse is ready to be used. During a delivery visit, a final list of “improvement” points is drawn up, after which we come back to put the finishing touches to it.

6. Cultivation support

Hortilife can also provide cultivation support. Our experts will help you with the layout of the crops and train your people to use the various systems. We have a team of experienced growers who can train and manage your greenhouse team. With the goal to become a self-supported team.

7. After-sales and service

We continue to support your business after your greenhouse has been completed. Our service team is ready to answer your questions and offer remote or on-site support. Hortilife trains its local staff to provide as much local service as possible.

Working with us

Hortilife is the top choice of professional horticultural growers worldwide. Contact us to find out more about our greenhouses, turnkey solutions and greenhouse equipment and software. Our experts are ready to inform you about the possibilities for your new greenhouse project.