The greenhouse engineers

Modern greenhousing starts at Hortilife

As a business owner or investor in the agricultural sector, you want quality, safety and high yields in food production. You reach this by growing your crops in greenhouses. When you invest in a new horticultural project you choose a partner who will, just like yourself, go for success. Hortilife will be your perfect partner.

Hortilife is a leading player in the greenhousing market. We deliver modern “turn-key” greenhouses that meet the best standards using Dutch knowledge and research centres and several technical partners. Hortilife builds greenhouses in various climatic conditions. With more than 200 greenhouse complexes and more than 500 greenhouse renovations, we have demonstrated our knowledge and skills.

Turn-key greenhouses

Hortilife BV has built numerous turn-key greenhouses in several countries and climatic conditions. In our projects, we are responsible for the engineering, construction and installation of different types of greenhouses and everything you need to run a profitable greenhouse.

We advise you on the best systems from watering and fertilization, growing techniques, heating in the best economical and efficient way, climate control, re-use of CO2, lighting systems to internal logistics. Check out our selection of projects to get inspired.

New cultivation methods

Besides the more traditional cultivation methods, Hortilife can help you to adapt to the modern technologies in your greenhouse like Hydroponics, Greenhousing 4.0 ( 5th and 6th generation) and Smart Greenhousing.

High-quality design and technology

Greenhouse owners know smart automation is a key to any market-focused horticultural business. Hortilife provides complete greenhouse horticulture logistics solutions to keep labour costs in control with automation, robotisation and data-driven tools.

Optimum cultivation systems

Hortilife provides the optimum cultivation system based on your greenhouse layout and your crops. With knowledge of multiple systems, we can advise you towards the best return on investment for now and in the future.

Smart 5th and 6th Generation

Hortilife provides cultivation systems for both the more traditional grower and modern fully automated solutions such as hydroponics for those greenhouse owners who want to switch towards smart cultivation such as its 5th or 6th generation greenhouses or so called (semi)  closed greenhouses.

Key to success

Hortilife guarantees quality and reliability. Using the most advanced high-tech systems in your new greenhouse complex provides the optimum conditions for growing. Agronomical advise during the start-up and first year(s) we supply as well. The implementation of your project by Hortilife is the key to your success. Want to know more?