Production & Greenhouse logistics

Production and greenhouse logistics

As a professional horticultural company, you will need an effective and efficient greenhouse logistic system to optimize your production process.
At Hortilife, we will integrate an efficient greenhouse logistic system at the start of a new turnkey greenhouse, but we also can help you with a new logistic system in your existing greenhouse.


To become the most cost-effective, you must completely integrate an efficient logistic system and make an optimum use of your greenhouse space.
With the latest technologies, such as fully automated transport systems with AVG and harvest trolleys and automated spray trolleys, you can save on labour costs and increase your yield.
Every horticultural company has its requirements. Therefore, we advise the most appropriate solution for your situation.

High-quality design and technology

Hortilife uses the CASTA software system to design your greenhouse, enabling us to translate your wishes into the best solution with a perfect price-quality ratio to cultivate your crops on the most significant scale.

Weatherproof in all climate conditions

Our Hortilife greenhouse logistic solutions are designed to increase your yield. By automation is your production process you can optimize your costs and labour processes.

Smart 5th and 6th Generation

The Hortilife-design makes the greenhouse suitable for use of the latest Dutch technology, whether you are growing more traditionally or making the switch to smart vegetable cultivation such as its 5th or 6th generation greenhouses.

Good choice for a return on your crop

The Hortilife logistics solutions help growers who want to cultivate on a large scale in a greenhouse construction that is optimized towards the best cost-effective horticultural production processes. The durable design and quality of materials, easy use of automation and future proof solutons are the key aspects for sustainable return on investment.

Top Choice

Hortilife is the top choice of professional growers around the world regarding greenhouse systems, logistic systems and labour management. Our experts can tell you more about production and greenhouse solutions for more efficient business operations. Contact us to find out more about how a Hortilife can optimize your greenhouse production.