Flue gas condensers

Heating & Cooling systems

Greenhouse energy saving with condensers

Energy-saving and energy efficiency are at the top of most growers’ priority lists regarding cost control. Depending on your water temperature, a condenser placed after the boiler creates a higher heat efficiency from 4 up to 15%. This extra heat lowers your energy bill enormously while the payback time is short.

Condensing flue gas

The finned condenser cools the flue gases below the dew point. This condensation process creates extra heat to heat water without needing more gas. CO2 from the combustion process can also be captured and fed back into the greenhouse during this process.


Hortilife calculates your savings on energy costs based on data from your cultivation company. With this calculation, we can make recommendations for the right condenser type and estimate the savings prognosis and return on investment.

Top Choice

Our condensers are made with high-quality components and Hortilife provides an accurate after-sales service. This way professional you are ensured to enjoy the benefits of energy-saving.

The experience of Hortilife

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