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Vertical Farming

Vertical Farm is a recent invention using trays of usually hydroponic plants, stacked in floor-to-ceiling towers, with LED lights illuminating each layer, climate control constantly adjusting the temperature, humidity and more. For the cultivation of young plants, a Vertical Farm can therefore be very useful for your greenhouse. Vertical Farming can bring your greenhouse cultivation to a next level.

Vertical Farming is a method of growing and harvesting crops on vertical shelves or towers rather than traditional, horizontal farming. Vertical farmers can grow significantly more food on the same amount of land. Vertical Farming technology requires control of temperature, light, and humidity to succeed.

The cultivation of crops by Vertical Farming can offer many advantages. By growing crops in layers above one another can achieve sustainable, efficient and fully-controlled cultivation. Vertical Farming is sustainable, efficient and fully controlled cultivation which can be done on a relatively small surface.

Vertical Farming can make a significant change in the production of fresh vegetables. By growing crops in layers in a controlled environment, it is possible to guarantee quality of production, no matter what weather and climate is. Locally placed greenhouses equipped with the most sustainable Vertical Farming technology will allow you to grow and harvest the highest quality produce year-round, anywhere in the world. This method of farming is water efficient, nutrient efficient, uses very little land, is highly productive, and typically does not require the use of herbicides or pesticides.

With the Vertical Farming technology, crops are cultivated in stacked plant cups within tower-like structures. These towers are hydroponic systems designed to produce the perfect micro-climate and allow farmers to grow whatever types of crops they choose, year-round.

What are the advantages of a Vertical Farm in a greenhouse?

  • It takes up less space and leverages sunlight

Sustainably farm anywhere in the world with a small greenhouse footprint, leverage sunlight  and 98% less water than traditional farming.

  • You can grow more plants in an efficient way

By having a Vertical Farm, your plants can grow faster and larger because they are not competing for nutrients.

  • It meets your demand consistently with the purest produce

Your plants will be healthier because of controlled environment and exposure to natural sunlight.


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