Automatic Lettuce Line

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Full Automatic Lettuce Line Sytems

The Hortilife Full automatic Lettuce Line system is suitable for growing most types of salads and herbs. The system is custom made and suitable for every type of greenhouse. Bay sizes of 6,4 till 16 meter wide.






Suitable in any type of greenhouse

The white PVC channels are 86 mm or 100 mm wide with round or squared plant -holes.
PVC channels of 75 mm are also available.

The distance between the channels differs per growing phase in the line. These distances between the gutters can be made op to meet customers’ requirements. On a 100 meter long line, we advise 12 different growing phases.


The drive/ pull mechanism includes motor gearboxes, rack and pinions system with clickers. Every line has its own drive system.

The water supply is divided by electric valve sections.
The system can be split up into a young and adult plant fertilizer area. depending on the size of the area. The fertilizer mixing is controlled by our Unimix units with separate sand and fine filter unit pump station. Disinfection is optional.

High production per m2 greenhouse

Most efficient and profitable system

Labour in central place

Labour and cost saving

  • NEW White gutter, black inside

  • Proofed system for over 20 years of full automated lines

  • Environment friendly

The experience of Hortilife

Hortilife produced more than 200 hectares of modern greenhouses in Europe. Our experts also transformed more than 500 hectares of existing greenhouses into modern greenhouses. In short, if you work with Hortilife, you choose quality and long-standing experience. Have a look at our projects portfolio to get inspired.

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