Horticultural LED Grow lights

Greenhouse LED

Philips GreenPower LED horticultural lighting systems

Philips GreenPower LED lighting systems enable you to control light levels and temperature independently to control your growing conditions. The excellent uniformity of light conditions ensures uniform growing conditions for every plant in your greenhouse. This way, the advanced LED technology helps you to realize a higher return on each crop.

LED lights are used in horticultural greenhouses to grow

High wire vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers

Leafy greens and herbs: lettuce and basil

Soft fruits: strawberries

Floriculture: cut flowers, potted plants, bedding

Convenient installation

Philips GreenPower LED is suitable for greenhouses already equipped with LED lighting and refitting existing greenhouses. The modular design ensures a perfect fit and easy installation to allow you to position the lights for the exact set-up for your crops.

Top Choice

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The experience of Hortilife

Hortilife produced more than 200 hectares of modern greenhouses in Europe. Our experts also transformed more than 500 hectares of existing greenhouses into modern greenhouses. In short, if you work with Hortilife, you choose quality and long-standing experience. Have a look at our projects portfolio to get inspired.