Hydroponic systems

Greenhouse Cultivation Systems

Hydroponic systems

Hydroponics is nowadays the mainstream growing method in the modern (Dutch) greenhouses, where a substrate replaces soil. With the Hydroponic system, plants do not grow on full soil but on the basis of water.

Environmental friendly

As plants no longer grow in full soil, the groundwater is not polluted with minerals from the fertilizer and other chemical substances needed to develop a healthy plant. With hydroponic horticultural methods, the grower is more in control than ever. He can supply the exact type of minerals and the exact amount of these minerals. This way, the grower will have optimum control and a higher yield.

Hanging gutters

Hanging gutters is one hydroponic way of growing especially suited for growing vegetables. Long gutters are suspended from the roof of the greenhouse structure, covered with mats of mineral wool, coco peat or other peat substances. A drip irrigation system waters the plants. Excess water is collected in the gutters, where it will be transported for re-use after cleaning and disinfection. 

Table systems and mobile bench systems 

The second form of hydroponics, which is quite often used, is the soilless system on tables. Plants as leafy greens like lettuce and herbs are often grown in potted or ornamental crops. In this system, irrigation is based on the difference between ebb and flow and NFT.

Water treatment

To re-use the water, it will need treatment to remove all harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses. By re-using the water, greenhouse owners improve their production with maximum control while minimizing water consumption.

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