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Aqua-Hort unit

Aqua-Hort provides a controlled addition of copper and/or silver ions and an electromagnetic water treatment. With this, water undergoes an electromagnetic treatment, which kills harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.


Treating water with an Aqua-Hort water disinfectant ensures a healthy water supply in your horticultural environment. The water is cleaned by adding copper ions. Electrostatic landings bind to the cell walls of microorganisms. As a result, cell growth and division can no longer take place, which renders the microorganisms harmless. This benefits the water quality and prevents bacterial contamination of your crop.


Based on copper ionization using electrolysis, an electric current (24 or 48 volts DC) is passed through the copper creating positively charged copper ions.

Copper ionization goes back to chemistry, an ion, an atom with an electrical charge, is positive if it lacks an electron and negative if it has an electron too many. In ionization, atoms are changed into positive or negative ions. With copper ionization, positive copper (Cu*) ions are formed. In silver these are the positive Ag ions.

The electrically charged copper ions in the water seek out charged particles of opposite polarity, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. The positively charged copper ions enter into electrostatic bonds with the negatively charged cell wall of the micro-organisms. Cell growth and cell division no longer take place, the bacteria stop multiplying and eventually die. The killing rate of copper ionization is not as high as that of UV or ozone, an advantage of copper ions is that they remain in the water for a long time. They provide long-term disinfection and protect against recontamination. Copper ions remain in the water until they flocculate or combine with bacteria or algae. It also has a better effect than UV, because it is only locally effective, copper is active in the entire water system, including in the dead spots and parts with slowly flowing water.


  • Prevents fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Better root growth and stringer plants
  • Works constantly throughout the water system
  • No conflict with Thrichoderma and other agents
  • No chlorine load
  • No chemical treatment
  • Simple in use, low coast

The Aqua Hort consists of a control panel, tube with copper rods or plates, depending on the chosen model (tube or tank), liter counter to automatically adjust the variation in the flow. The Aqua Hort is placed in the system pipe to the greenhouse, where the water contains a certain EC value, which benefits the conductivity.

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