Sercom hardware and software

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Sercom hardware and software solutions

Hortilife works closely with its supplier Sercom. This company provides a series of reliable process computers for controlling the regulation of the greenhouse or storage space. These computers are characterised by robust construction and cleverly designed operations that are optimized for the condition within the horticultural greenhouse industry. Hortilfe can advise you of the specifics of the hardware and the software, based on your growing conditions.

Sercom software

The Sercom software consists of different modules. You can choose the modules which are improving your automation and growing processes.

Climate manager

Being in control of your crop is important in the greenhouse horticultural industry. With an optimum overview and insights based on data collected in your greenhouse, you can control your crop condition at the very best level. E With the easy to use climate computer from SERCOM, the greenhouse climate can be controlled in a very simple way. The control technology focuses on the physiology of the plants in each specific crop. Complex technical settings are fully automated and the computer reacts to any changes in the weather immediately! The result: excellent quality of every crop.

DAS SercoVision Dynamic Adjustable Settings

With Dynamic Adjustable Settings it’s possible for the grower to adjust really EVERY setting in a graphical way. It is a great benefit for the grower that it’s now possible to program the influences on the setpoints by himself without any programmer skills. By doing so the grower can make the exact influence he needs for his own specific circumstances.

Screen manager

SERCOM developed the screen manager for automatic control of the screens. With this module on the process computer, up to 12 screens in one department can be controlled. This allows each department to optimise its climate.


With the SercoLink Server you can exchange information between different process computers in the company. This makes it possible to optimize the energy input and share the data from a weather station.

Ozon Analyser

Applying ozone is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to prevent mould growth. More and more horticultural companies, therefore, use the ozonisation technique. SERCOM has recently developed software to make a link between ozone equipment and SercoVision.

Water manager

Water management is of essential value in creating an optimal environment for plants. This is completely under control with the Sercom Water manager. The versatile program has all imaginable possibilities for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.
The Water Manager can be connected to all irrigation systems. It has a modular construction and can be used by any company. The Water Manager works on an independent Sercom computer as well as on the climate computer. The optional LCD control system is resistant to vapour from aggressive fertilizers.

Top Choice

Hortilife works with multiple software and hardware suppliers to ensure we supply the right solution for you. Automation, more insights with new and smart software makes sure your horticultural system is working more efficiently and save on costs.

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Hortilife produced more than 200 hectares of modern greenhouses in Europe. Our experts also transformed more than 500 hectares of existing greenhouses into modern greenhouses. In short, if you work with Hortilife, you choose quality and long-standing experience. Have a look at our projects portfolio to get inspired.