Meto Spray Robot trolley

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Meto Spray Robot trolley

The Meto spray trolley sprays your crops automatically. Therefore you can use the Meto spray robot in many different crops: tomatoes and cucumbers to roses, gerberas and carnations and even pot plants. Each crop has its own needs. This Meto spray robot can be adapted to your wishes: heart to heart size, path length and height of the spray boom. A Meto spray robot combined with a Meto transport trolley saves labour because it moves entirely automatically to the next path.


This Meto spray trolley is particularly designed for the automatic spraying of crops. The computer-controlled Meto is easily operated. The operation panel is compact, straightforward in its use and provided with easy to use touch controls.

Functions of the Meto spray robot

The spray robot can drive forwards and backwards and has an even spray rate. There must be a pipe rail system available in the greenhouse. Moreover, you can indicate to spray a specific part of the path. The spray robot is equipped with a double boom, making it easy to spray extra where needed. The Meto spray robot has a standard hose reel of up to 130 meters ½” hose and a hose guide. This hose reel means you do not have to pull and drag the hose, which reduces wear and tear.

Safe working environment

Future legal stipulations will prohibit any persons in the greenhouse for the duration of the spraying activity. With the use of the Meto spray trolley, it is unnecessary for anyone to between the crop during spraying.

Using the control panel with touchscreen, you can set the desired speed, distance, and necessary spraying spots. This way, you spray the crop evenly and at the same time save labour, resources and, therefore, costs!

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