Widespan Greenhouse

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Wide-span greenhouse for optimum use of space

The wide-span greenhouse is a Dutch greenhouse design specially created to optimize growing conditions for your crops and increase your returns. The ample open space is ideal for easily integrating your internal transport. This type of greenhouse is highly suitable for flower growers, garden centres, professional agricultural growers, and growing particular crops.

Outstanding growing conditions in most climates

The Dutch Hortilife Wide-Span greenhouse has been designed for almost all climate conditions. In hot climate conditions, the greenhouse is highly suitable due to ridge ventilation for maximum airflow. The roof design and the ventilation openings are adapted for you to guarantee optimal growing conditions depending on your crops. Sunshades or thermal screens can easily be added for even more precise climate control.

But the widespan greenhouse is also an excellent solution in colder and more severe climate conditions. Due to its height and design, light transmission is optimal, increasing the yield of your crop without extra energy costs.

Separate drainage of rain and condensation water

Like the Venlo greenhouse roof system, the aluminium gutters of the Wide-span greenhouse drain off the rain and condensation water. The system can easily reuse the water, saving costs and putting less strain on the environment.

Cost-effective design

Shade or Thermal screens available for maximum energy control

Bay spacing available in all widths or custom sizes

Economic water saving by reuse of condensate and separate rainwater collection

  • Excellent ventilation systems
  • Versatile cladding options include glass, film, polycarbonate or combination

  • Customizable sizes to every horticultural grower’s need

  • A double-sided, continuous ridge ventilation system promotes airflow

High returns

The Hortilife wide span greenhouse has a high return on investment due to its simple structure, lower production costs and ability to create large spans with as few columns as possible, depending on your crop. You can use the optimal growing space in the greenhouse to the maximum as columns lose no space. The high quality galvanized parts guarantee a long life.

Economical use of every metre

The widespan greenhouse is suitable for growers who have to make very economical use of their land area. The application of hanging equipment such as basket lines, tie crop lines and automated basket systems and tree irrigation systems ensure the optimum use of every square metre of floor space. 


(Controlled- environmental agricultural). The versatile structure and design make this greenhouse suitable for year-round production. The Wide-Span Greenhouse is ideal for growers who want to use CEA equipment such as cooling, misting and dual screening equipment. A wide-span greenhouse is an excellent option for professional growers that require ample space and the ability to hang lots of equipment.

The experience of Hortilife

Hortilife produced more than 200 hectares of modern greenhouses in Europe. Our experts also transformed more than 500 hectares of existing greenhouses into modern greenhouses. In short, if you work with Hortilife, you choose quality and long-standing experience. Have a look at our projects portfolio to get inspired.

Top Choice

Hortilife Venlo greenhouse is one of the top choices of professional growers around the world. Designed with the CASTA software system, we can translate your wishes into a new greenhouse which enables you to increase your return on investment.

Contact our Hortilife experts and find out more about our Venlo greenhouse options.