NEW! Vortex UFB Unit

The Vortex UFB unit has been designed to release ultra-fine oxygen bubbles into a storage tank and other forms of water holding systems. The unit consists of a pump, filter, check valve, venturi, pre-mixer, cone-vortex combination, in-line Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensor, pressure sensor, oxygen concentrator and a control box. This all mounted on a frame.

The Vortex unit scrubs the air for oxygen. Through the patent-pending vortex technology it applies force to the oxygen, pulverizing the O2 into the irrigation water, and creating Nano Bubbles. By doing this the O2 stays in suspension even when going through several process of an irrigation system.


  • Stable enhancement of Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Bubbles have a negative charge and promote cation-exchange
  • Bubbles become a substrate (the water becomes an aerated foam)
  • Free radicals increase metabolism
  • Cell membrane permeability of larger molecules
  • Fights disease through exclusion (healthier plants) instead of disinfection